Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wishing tree, I am here helpless again
I have lost the one I love
I never thought  t’will end this way
I wanna forget,  I wanna be free
I wanna be happy as happy as you everyday
Oh love too bad to hurt me this way.

Wishing tree, I am here trying hard each day
It’s been a year that I’m feeling down
It’s hard to be myself again
I wanna regret, this nighmare is putting a test
I wanna see sunrise, then sunset , moonlight and then rest
But oh how can I, still him that I missed

Wishing tree,  listen well to my broken heart
Wishing you to mend my heart give me a brand new start
To let him go is what I pray, and take me to my destiny
Wish I could, wish I may… meet the one for me.

But how could it be, when he’s here  to stay
And how can I take away his entire memory
Cast a spell on me, oh wishing tree
I have to completely be,  on a new journey.

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