Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You left me drowning in tears
You left me drifting so wet in the rain
You made me eat all my pain
You think there’s nothing to gain from loving me ohh…

You don’t think ‘bout me and that me,
 that loving me that cares about you.
‘Cause you think ‘bout you and that you
that selfish you that thinks about you.

You think the future is bright
Without that ME in sight, you’re alright
I think the future is great
That you and me is a team to beat but NO…ohhh

Repeat Chorus…

Now I think so differently,  I can laugh at my own stupidity
I could love you all my life but there’s more to life than You and me
Love is here and there, they’re just everywhere,
It’s not just you , its not only you
But its me , its only me…

That matters to me (repeat just this line until fading)

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