Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its getting cold these days, It could only mean one thing
Christmas is here once again
And I wonder why it still makes me sad
Thinking of the Christmas day without you here with me.

Oh last Christmas, I cried so much when you left me
And now this Christmas reminds me of the day you walked away
Just one chance that I’d be happy but I cant help but miss you baby
Help me to forget, hope that I’ll get over with
That one day at Christmas , that one day when you left me.

Its getting cold these days and I’m needing just one touch
God knows oh how I miss you much
And I  wonder why it still feels so bad , thinking of the Christmas day
Without you here to comfort me

Repeat Chorus…

One day at Christmas, that I should be happy
But how could it be, you went away
And that bad memory of that one Christmas day
Reminded me of you…and it makes me blue.

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