Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I, I see the dawning with my waking eyes
Each day unfold with so much doubt
If I, If I can make it

I, I see the morning with new hopes to give
Stories untold bear so much pain
Will I, will I ever make it

It’s hard to express what is this,  that I am afraid of
It’s just a time, a time in the future.
So hard to express why do I fear
If you’re not there, It’s just a day tomorrow

I, I see the evening with my sleepy eyes
My everyday ends with the sun that sets
Wish I, wish I can hold it

Every now and then, it scares me inside
It scares me inside but I just wanna hide
I said its okey if you’ll leave me someday
But NO NO NO…still want you here tomorrow.

Repeat Chorus….then add line below

That we both have to let go.

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