Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its getting cold these days, It could only mean one thing
Christmas is here once again
And I wonder why it still makes me sad
Thinking of the Christmas day without you here with me.

Oh last Christmas, I cried so much when you left me
And now this Christmas reminds me of the day you walked away
Just one chance that I’d be happy but I cant help but miss you baby
Help me to forget, hope that I’ll get over with
That one day at Christmas , that one day when you left me.

Its getting cold these days and I’m needing just one touch
God knows oh how I miss you much
And I  wonder why it still feels so bad , thinking of the Christmas day
Without you here to comfort me

Repeat Chorus…

One day at Christmas, that I should be happy
But how could it be, you went away
And that bad memory of that one Christmas day
Reminded me of you…and it makes me blue.

LIVING FOR YOU (Religious song)

You’re the food for my soul , you’re the joy of my heart
All this time I know you were there
All the time I know you really care
You answer all of my whys , you wipe my tears when I cry
With you I’m free to soar the sky

That’s why I’m living, living
You know I am living for you
Breathing, breathing
You know I am breathing for you

In the hands of the lion, at the peak of the mountain
In the mouth of great danger you’re there
You fight for me ‘cause you really care
You saved me from my past, yours is a love that will last
With you I know I can survive…

Repeat Chorus…

Coda 1:
 You know I’ve been living, you know I’ve been breathing
You know I am living for you

You know that I love you, you know that I need you
You know I am living for you

Combine coda 1 and 2


Whisper your name today and I wonder if you’ll gonna be
Part of my memory so dear to me tomorrow…
If I want you now, will this feeling stay til when and how
What will the future brings winter, summer, spring tomorrow

‘Cause nobody would
Nobody can change what the morrow brings
Hold the time for everything
Nobody would , nobody can change every second of
Every minute everyday , ‘cause tomorrow

You cherish me today and I wonder if you still would be
Thinking about me love me so faithfully tomorrow

(Adlib) …nobody nobody  yeahhhh
Nobody nobody yeahh yeah yeah

Is the day after today everyday is yesterday of tomorrow
What you say are all maybe
‘cause you know you might let go or stay with me

Repeat chorus…the fade with the line below
…Is uncertain as today.


I am nothing
Not finding the real worth of the person inside me
All my life I wanted to see
I wanted to know the real me in the eyes of somebody
Someone who shows exactly the one in me.

Forever, I want  him forever
To see me through and love the nothingness in me
Forever I want him forever to kiss away the nothingness in me
Forever stay with me forever , till forever becomes forever

I am nothing ,
Not finding the real love for the one here inside me
All my life I wanted to see,  I wanted to know what love is
In the eyes of somebody
Someone who cares and is truly there for me.

Repeat Chorus….

I don’t want promises that makes forever a lie
I don’t want either lies that promises love for me forever.

Repeat Chorus….then move one notch higher

I am nothing, if you really love me then make it forever…
When forever is really forever it brings eternity hmmmm
Eternity for you and me.


Baby I, wish you’d hear me say
You’re the sweetest thing in this world for me
Baby I wish you’d hear me say
I’ll always be around to cast your fears away

Baby, I wish you’d hear me say
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
And if I can, I’ll always hold you dear
Hold you tight and show you that I care

I’l  treasure you and bury you deep in my heart
‘Cause someday I might not stay
And I’ll carry you each and everyday…oh oh oh

Baby, I wish you’d hear me say
I’ll remember you wherever you may be someday
Baby I, wish you’d hear me say
You’ll always be a special memory

Repeat Chorus…

Wish time will stop, things won’t change
And years together will remain
The memories of you, I’ll never outgrow
Here in my heart, in my soul. 


I, I see the dawning with my waking eyes
Each day unfold with so much doubt
If I, If I can make it

I, I see the morning with new hopes to give
Stories untold bear so much pain
Will I, will I ever make it

It’s hard to express what is this,  that I am afraid of
It’s just a time, a time in the future.
So hard to express why do I fear
If you’re not there, It’s just a day tomorrow

I, I see the evening with my sleepy eyes
My everyday ends with the sun that sets
Wish I, wish I can hold it

Every now and then, it scares me inside
It scares me inside but I just wanna hide
I said its okey if you’ll leave me someday
But NO NO NO…still want you here tomorrow.

Repeat Chorus….then add line below

That we both have to let go.


You left me drowning in tears
You left me drifting so wet in the rain
You made me eat all my pain
You think there’s nothing to gain from loving me ohh…

You don’t think ‘bout me and that me,
 that loving me that cares about you.
‘Cause you think ‘bout you and that you
that selfish you that thinks about you.

You think the future is bright
Without that ME in sight, you’re alright
I think the future is great
That you and me is a team to beat but NO…ohhh

Repeat Chorus…

Now I think so differently,  I can laugh at my own stupidity
I could love you all my life but there’s more to life than You and me
Love is here and there, they’re just everywhere,
It’s not just you , its not only you
But its me , its only me…

That matters to me (repeat just this line until fading)


You’re the one that I adore
You’re the one that I am living for
In times you are sad always remember I wont say goodbye
I’m a shoulder to cry on whenever you’re alone.

You’re the one here in my heart
There’ll be no one who can tear us apart
And when its rough always remember
I’ll always be tough, just you and me till eternity.

I thank the Lord today for giving you to me
and I promise to be true
Everyday I vow to stay
‘til my hair turns to gray.

You’re the one for me so dear
And I will love you always year after year
The future will be blessed and so fruitful for you and for me
My soul rejoices  for you’re my God’s choice.

Repeat Chorus 2x…until fading

Till my hair turns to gray
I will vow to stay.


It’s been so long that I’m waiting
All miseries are kept deep inside
I got no one to tell, I got no one to comfort me
But patiently, I’ll wait for you and wish
That you’re on your way

What took you so long, I am wondering
The love that you’ll bring is my everything
I got no one to tell, I got no one to comfort me
My world is you, everything that you are
From afar you shine like a star

In the middle of this, I wanna be where you are
In the middle of this, I wanna be by your side
I long to be with you, my journey starts with you
Let’s start our flight ‘cause that feels right

Don’t let me wait
Don’t let me fight all alone in this world
Don’t let me wish for nothing at all
As early as now, please hear my call.


Wishing tree, I am here helpless again
I have lost the one I love
I never thought  t’will end this way
I wanna forget,  I wanna be free
I wanna be happy as happy as you everyday
Oh love too bad to hurt me this way.

Wishing tree, I am here trying hard each day
It’s been a year that I’m feeling down
It’s hard to be myself again
I wanna regret, this nighmare is putting a test
I wanna see sunrise, then sunset , moonlight and then rest
But oh how can I, still him that I missed

Wishing tree,  listen well to my broken heart
Wishing you to mend my heart give me a brand new start
To let him go is what I pray, and take me to my destiny
Wish I could, wish I may… meet the one for me.

But how could it be, when he’s here  to stay
And how can I take away his entire memory
Cast a spell on me, oh wishing tree
I have to completely be,  on a new journey.


I never knew till t’was gone,
I could only stop and stare
Time moves too fast love seems to pass me by
It was almost here in my heart but now its gone

How could I ever fight it, fate will make us stranger again
Back to not knowing each other, back to where our souls apart
Though fate has part us to strangers again, 
promise to see me in the end
Someday,  somehow  some other life.

I’m not so sure if it can, but that’s my only wish and dream
That something like it will happen again
All of the memories still here in my heart
‘Wanna begin again

Repeat Chorus:

Fleeting, people change so fast
Now I’ll dream on and I will hold on for love
Time passed me by, feelings walked away
Im not asking how and why
But I’ll remember till the day I die.

(Repeat Chorus for the last time) 


One day someday, I will ask you if you’re happy with her.
One day someday, I will ask you if you’re happy for leaving me
‘Cause I’m sure I will tell you, I’ve been happy, so much happy,
Without you,  without you.
‘Cause I thought all alone that I can’t carry on with my life,
Every night been so long and I struggled just to stay alive
That’s why someday we’ll meet someday
One day someday, you will see.

One day someday, I’ll be free from the pain you have given me
One day someday you will see that I’ve totally set you free
And I’m sure I will tell you
I’ve been happy, so much happy
Without you, without you

(Repeat chorus)
One day someday, I won’t worry
Definitely no way, oh yeah
One day someday I will be with ….
the one that’s for me.


When you look inside your heart
And you feel like you’re alone
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you
When the road is rough and tough
And it seems so hard to laugh
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you

‘Cause I love you and I’ll let you feel alright since I’m near you,
‘Cause I need you and I want to take away your fear ohhh..
‘Cause I need you to complete me, you’re the only one for me….yeah

When the storm is there to scare, you can count me to be there
Hold on, Ill be right here for you.
When you’re wrapped with your nightmare and your load is hard to bear,
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you.

Repeat Chorus…(then take a notch higher in the coda)
When my life is done and through, I will still be there for you
Hold on, Ill be always true to you
‘Cause this life is just for you, there is no one here but you
Just know that I have loved you so…and I will love you so.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Pain is part of my life, don’t know why, don’t  know why
But I only have to laugh and to smile
Every moment, for every bit of it
That comes my way …yeah yeah

So if I’m hurting inside
Can’t count the tears that I cried
I just look up and bend on my knees
If in despair and in pain
Stuck in the middle of rain
Just don’t think everything is in vain

I don’t know that when a person comes
Across my path its to show
That a lot of them are in a short distance
That I’m not alone in this short distance
That I’m not alone in this journey

Repeat Chorus…

Every one is in pain
Down its memory lane
Just get up and let go
Cause its all up to you