Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When you look inside your heart
And you feel like you’re alone
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you
When the road is rough and tough
And it seems so hard to laugh
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you

‘Cause I love you and I’ll let you feel alright since I’m near you,
‘Cause I need you and I want to take away your fear ohhh..
‘Cause I need you to complete me, you’re the only one for me….yeah

When the storm is there to scare, you can count me to be there
Hold on, Ill be right here for you.
When you’re wrapped with your nightmare and your load is hard to bear,
Hold on, I’ll be right here for you.

Repeat Chorus…(then take a notch higher in the coda)
When my life is done and through, I will still be there for you
Hold on, Ill be always true to you
‘Cause this life is just for you, there is no one here but you
Just know that I have loved you so…and I will love you so.

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