Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Whisper your name today and I wonder if you’ll gonna be
Part of my memory so dear to me tomorrow…
If I want you now, will this feeling stay til when and how
What will the future brings winter, summer, spring tomorrow

‘Cause nobody would
Nobody can change what the morrow brings
Hold the time for everything
Nobody would , nobody can change every second of
Every minute everyday , ‘cause tomorrow

You cherish me today and I wonder if you still would be
Thinking about me love me so faithfully tomorrow

(Adlib) …nobody nobody  yeahhhh
Nobody nobody yeahh yeah yeah

Is the day after today everyday is yesterday of tomorrow
What you say are all maybe
‘cause you know you might let go or stay with me

Repeat chorus…the fade with the line below
…Is uncertain as today.

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