Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You’re the one that I adore
You’re the one that I am living for
In times you are sad always remember I wont say goodbye
I’m a shoulder to cry on whenever you’re alone.

You’re the one here in my heart
There’ll be no one who can tear us apart
And when its rough always remember
I’ll always be tough, just you and me till eternity.

I thank the Lord today for giving you to me
and I promise to be true
Everyday I vow to stay
‘til my hair turns to gray.

You’re the one for me so dear
And I will love you always year after year
The future will be blessed and so fruitful for you and for me
My soul rejoices  for you’re my God’s choice.

Repeat Chorus 2x…until fading

Till my hair turns to gray
I will vow to stay.

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