Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LIVING FOR YOU (Religious song)

You’re the food for my soul , you’re the joy of my heart
All this time I know you were there
All the time I know you really care
You answer all of my whys , you wipe my tears when I cry
With you I’m free to soar the sky

That’s why I’m living, living
You know I am living for you
Breathing, breathing
You know I am breathing for you

In the hands of the lion, at the peak of the mountain
In the mouth of great danger you’re there
You fight for me ‘cause you really care
You saved me from my past, yours is a love that will last
With you I know I can survive…

Repeat Chorus…

Coda 1:
 You know I’ve been living, you know I’ve been breathing
You know I am living for you

You know that I love you, you know that I need you
You know I am living for you

Combine coda 1 and 2

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